£830.00 ex VAT
£996.00 inc VAT
Leading Edge
12 v, 24 v, 48 v
Maximum Wattage
600 watts

High power output in all wind conditions
Low RPM generator and unique swept turbine blades result in exceptionally quiet operation.
Designed to run through severe weather conditions with automatic shutdown protection.
All-up weight of just 19.5kg.
Unique bearing and alternator configuration results in low friction, low bearing noise.
'X-wing' chassis design gives excellent yaw response in gusty conditions.
Unique axial flux generator design, using powerful neodymium magnets, allows effortless start up in low winds.
Fully marinised construction with category 5 protection level (15-20 years in a salt water environment).
All bearings are lubricated and sealed for life
Anti-vibration fixings and mounts used throughout.
Integrated yaw-slip rings sealed from the elements
Designed and manufactured in the UK
Quieter and more efficient that any other turbine in its class.

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