We supply and install wind turbines from 300 watt to 10kw. Installs fall into two categories; Off-grid and Grid-connect. Most popular at this time is grid-connect. We offer accredited MCS install and equipment. For Off-Grid batteries charging and power for remote homes, utilities etc. we can supply and install custom units.

Wind Turbines In Our Store

Manufacturersort descending Voltage Wattage Price
LE-v150 Wind Turbine Leading Edge

Our LE-v150 follows on from our successful LE-v50 Turbine.

12 V, 24 V, 48 V 150 w £783.33 ex VAT
£940.00 inc VAT
LE-600 Leading Edge

High power output in all wind conditions
Low RPM generator and unique swept turbine blades result in exceptionally quiet operation.

12 V, 24 V, 48 V 600 w £830.00 ex VAT
£996.00 inc VAT
LE-300 Leading Edge

Why choose the LE-300 Wind Turbine?

12 V, 24 V 300 w £350.00 ex VAT
£420.00 inc VAT
, LE-v50 Wind Turbine Leading Edge

Our LE-v50 is a compact, silent and lightweight vertical axis turbine designed to trickle charge your batteries or provide power for low power electronic devices such as data-logging or telemetry e

12 V, 24 V, 48 V 50 w £491.67 ex VAT
£590.00 inc VAT
Miniwind 1100-24 Renewable Components

The MiniWind 1100-24 and MiniWind 1100-48 are entry level downwind wind turbine generators.

24 V 1100 w £0.00 ex VAT
£0.00 inc VAT
1KW future energy upwind Turbine Future Energy

Future Energy's New ‘rugged’ Upwind Turbine range is based on 2 years of real-life testing and development in Warwickshire and the Uplands of Scotland.

12 V, 24 V, 48 V 1000 w £800.00 ex VAT
£960.00 inc VAT
Skystream 3.6kw Southwest

Designed for homes and businesses, the Skystream 3.7 paved the way as the first compact, all-inclusive personal wind generator (with controls and inverter built in) designed to work in very low win

Grid Feed V 3600 w £5,990.00 ex VAT
£7188.00 inc VAT
, , , , Fuhrländer FL 250 - used turbine Fuhrländer

Specific turbine data
Manufacturer: Fuhrländer
Type: FL 250 ASTOS
Qauntity: 2 units
Serial-Number: FL 31 / FL 32
Location: DE 56479 Willingen

Grid Feed V 250000 w POA
AN Bonus 1 MW/54 Bonus

Number of units 7
Manufacturer AN Bonus
Type AN Bonus 1MW /54
Rated power 1000 kW
Rotor diameter 54 m
Hub height 60 m
Tower tubular steel

Grid Feed V 1000 w £0.00 ex VAT
£0.00 inc VAT
, , , , M300 Wind Turbine Stone Solar

Mounts on standard 48mm pole (ie scaffold pole)
Rated wattage = 90watt
Contains built-in charge controller

12 V 300 w £229.17 ex VAT
£275.00 inc VAT