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LE-v150 Wind Turbine

Our LE-v150 follows on from our successful LE-v50 Turbine. Like its smaller sibling, the LE-v150 is a compact, silent and lightweight vertical axis turbine designed to provide power outputs up to 200 watts for a host of different battery charging applications.

The LE-v150 is suitable for use in applications where a traditional horizontal axis turbine may be inappropriate – such as powering road signage and lighting in sub-urban areas where the compact nature and silent operation of the LE-v150 make easy work of turbulent winds.

LE-v50 Wind Turbine

Our LE-v50 is a compact, silent and lightweight vertical axis turbine designed to trickle charge your batteries or provide power for low power electronic devices such as data-logging or telemetry equipment.

The LE-v50 was originally designed to provide power for industrial data monitoring equipment in the most extreme & remote places on the planet.


Why choose the LE-300 Wind Turbine?

Extremely quiet because of our WhispowerTM blades
Lightweight – just 6kg – and easy to mount
Starts generating in very low winds, delivers high power in very strong winds.
Robust aluminium chassis finished using Airbus approved paint
A4 stainless steel fixings used throughout.
Pairs of top quality, marine grade, sealed for life bearings used
Excellent reliability with a 5 year warranty
Superior battery protection system


High power output in all wind conditions
Low RPM generator and unique swept turbine blades result in exceptionally quiet operation.
Designed to run through severe weather conditions with automatic shutdown protection.
All-up weight of just 19.5kg.
Unique bearing and alternator configuration results in low friction, low bearing noise.
'X-wing' chassis design gives excellent yaw response in gusty conditions.
Unique axial flux generator design, using powerful neodymium magnets, allows effortless start up in low winds.

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