Solar Panels

Title Manufacturer Module Type Voltage Maximum Wattage ex VAT inc VAT
Coming Soon - LG Mono-X Black 300watt LG Monocrystalline 31 v 300 watts


£0.00 ex VAT £0.00 inc VAT
NA-F121 (G5) Sharp Amorphous Silicon 60 v 121 watts

Tandem structure with an amorphous and a microcrystalline silicon layer offering a stabilised module efficiency of 9.0 %.
Optimised for grid-connected roof mounting PV systems.
Use of...

£50.00 ex VAT £60.00 inc VAT
LG Mono-X 250watt LG Monocrystalline 38.3 v 250 watts

Used in most of our domestic installations.

High Efficiency Mono X Module Cells: 6 x 10 Module efficiency 15.2% Connector Type: MC4 connector IP67
All Black


£205.00 ex VAT £246.00 inc VAT
ES-62T Uni-Solar Amorphous Silicon 12 v 62 watts

The rigid range of Uni-Solar panels are a tough reliable solution to your energy needs. All panels are heat tolerant and surrounded by a durable anodised aluminium frame.
All panels above 5...

£80.00 ex VAT £96.00 inc VAT