Studer Xtender XTH 3000-12

£2100.00 ex VAT
£2520.00 inc VAT
Off Grid
12 v
Maximum Wattage
3000 watts

Multi-function inverter/charger
12 V / 3 kVA / 160 A

These Inverter/Chargers with 'Smart-Boost' provide a seamless supply of AC power, acting as battery chargers when there is a source of mains, or inverters when there isn't. But that's not all - the Smart-Boost function enables inverter power to be added to either shore-power or generator, managing peak loads efficiently. Read the AYS Hybrid System to see how this lets you get more from a smaller generator. Fully programmable with adjustable charger output. The XTH-5000-24 is suitable for applications where inverters power will be used to power a number of high power devices at once, such as supporting a medium-sized generator running air-con and full power electric hob cooking.

If the Xtender is not located in the same compartment as the batteries - the BTS-01 optional battery temperature sensor should be taken.

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