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Hi Arthur,

Wow! Someone needs to explain 'Stranger Danger' to Billy! If ever there was a shifty-looking character, the fella in the trench-coat is it!

So,when they stopped with those Captain Marvels, Arthur, what did you do?Move on to something else, or did you discover Marvelman? The story behind that creation is one I know well because it ties into the eventual masterpiece that is Miracleman (love that name) by Alan Moore! Have you read it? There are some sites on the internet with an archive of comics for your enjoyment (readcomiconline(dot)to) if you ever find the time.

Have you seen all the DC revivals? What's your take on the Jerry Ordway-penned "Power of Shazam" series from the 90s? I've seen some of it, looks good and competent.

I have an issue with anything after that whole New 52 fiasco DC pulled,and the influence of Geoff Johns.

Of course we all know that with Marvel Comics owning the copyright on the word 'Marvel',despite using it later than the creation of Captain Marvel, DC can't call him, well, couldn't call him by his name on the covers of their publications.

Let me go on a tangent here a bit, and talk about a character you probably know, the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott! He was in a quandary within the DC universe, because he had the same name as another character within that universe! Of course I'm referring to Green Lantern Hal Jordan,who, it could be said was more well-known for having that name and the specific powers! So, at some point,this was in the 90s sometime,Alan Scott was given back his youth, I think his powers became a part of him and he lost his vulnerability to wood. He was given a new name! He became Sentinel.

Now back to the character originally conceived as Captain Marvel. When Geoff Johns, whom I consider a hack of the first order, did yet another of his inexplicably popular reboot origin stories, the character of Captain Marvel's name was changed! To... Shazam! "What?" you might say! "But that's his magic word!"! And you'd be right! But they came up with an explanation for that so silly I won't even get into it here!

My question is,why didn't they just give the character a ******* new name?Are they so creatively bankrupt that they failed to see the absurdity of such an action? Oy...


Specifically,modern day DC Comics. I roll my eyes!




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