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Hi Arthur,

Looks like I came just in time! Didn't I make this suggestion at one point; that maybe Rebellion could do The Beatles and Elvis? I had a feeling they'd be open to it, given your past relationship! And you're wrong about Elvis; it has been reprinted! That 'Elvis Is Alive' book, remember? That's actually why I checked in today; my copy just arrived! Or rather, I just picked it up! But unfortunately, it's not the copy I ordered the day you originally announced it! Sadly that, and another book I ordered from Amazon on the same day, didn't reach me! One got lost in the mail, and another they discovered they didn't have stock of! The copy I now have I ordered earlier this month from, surprisingly, a locally-based website. Im happy. But...

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the format, because the comic material is preceded by the book material, so the paper stock is inherent! It looks alright, but it's smaller than anticipated; I feel Rebellion would probably do a better job than this, given their track record!

Though it's nice to finally see the series in its entirety, I feel it doesn't do your art the justice it truly deserves! Especially given the long wait! Back of the book says the material was last published in 1982, the year I was born!

But I'm happy to finally have it at all; perhaps I'll look in (yok yok) again and read that Rebellion decided to give Elvis the Beatles treatment as well!

Till then, keep well, Arthur, and thank you for what you gave us!

Best wishes



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